Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Hello and welcome to the blog! My name is Luke Babb I am a senior graphic design student at the Kansas City Art Institute, and our Visual Advocacy class is working to create positive change in the Rosedale community. I as well as my classmates are doing so by working with the Healthy Kids Initiative in assisting them with our design 'super powers' to promote growth and change. As a class we are also entering Design Ignites Change where our concepts are submitted and juried for grant money and if chosen, will be given the money to implement our system in the community.

This blog serves as a space to collect insight and feedback directly from the community, and most likely you have seen the signs throughout the Rosedale community asking "Where do you play?". This is an effort to eliminate the perception of Rosedale as being unsafe while at the same time getting kids out and active in their community.

This concept takes advantage of the different neighborhood associations and establishing locations within them as "playable areas" (safe areas) and in turn developing "grassroots rec centers" that take advantage of the location already available.  I plan to find out about these "playable areas" by contacting members of these neighborhood associations as well as with your advice and first-hand experience. Whether you have been lead to this blog because of the signs or not, if you have a comment about the idea or the Rosedale community I would love to hear it!

So, where do you play?

How far is this area from your home?

Do you cross any major streets?

Where are you allowed to play?

Do you feel safe?

What activities do you play?

 On a scale of 1-10, what is the current playability of Rosedale?

What would be your ideal play area?

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